Trying this Giveaway Thing

October is the start of the holiday season. And no, I'm not saying that October starts Christmas season. I'm not THAT ridiculous (even though I absolutely love Christmas). I'm talking about all the holidays. October encompasses Halloween and all things spooky. November incorporates the mindset of being thankful around a large meal with Thanksgiving. And December embodies my favorite time of year. I love Christmas. But not because of the receiving part, honestly I could care less about that. I love gift giving though, and I'd like to think I'm pretty damn good at it. There was one year that I hand painted a pair of shoes for my sister with characters from one of her favorite TV shows. For this upcoming Christmas, I have a gift I'm giving to a good friend of mine that I figured out this summer. I love getting to know people to a point where I'm confident that the gift I'm giving will spark emotion. I'll admit that I'm also a huge fan of the rest. The decorations, the cheesy music, the sparkly lights, everything. And I'll admit that I may be a little early when I start to play Christmas music, however, I'd just like to point out that a month of this kind of joy is not enough for me and also there is no Thanksgiving music to play. I'm not trying to skip Thanksgiving, I'm just enjoying the cheer for as long as I can.

All that being said, as I walked into Michael's on October 30th, I did not necessarily expect all the Christmas stuff to be on full display before Halloween was even over. I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't get a little more excited than I probably should have, nevertheless, I'll admit that the day before Halloween is a bit early to be so prepared for Christmas.

Regardless of the fact that it was admittedly too early for all the Christmas goods to be out, I still enjoyed the displays as I wandered around Michael's. As it's an arts and crafts store, I got a few ideas (and was given a few) of different projects I could do. With my reverse glass paintings, I've always stuck closely to using my photographs and working with one single piece of glass, usually a piece of Plexiglas or the glass from a picture frame. While at Michael's, I had lanterns, mason jars, plates, glasses, and ornaments pointed out to me as potential canvases. I love the idea of all of that, but I don't want to keep painting things for myself. Not too many sentences before this, I mentioned one of my favorite things about Christmas is getting to give people thoughtful gifts, sometimes even handmade. One of the reasons I brought this website to life is because I love the idea that someone, somewhere could someday have my art hanging on their walls or somewhere in their home. When people are trying to build up their businesses and such, they tend to do giveaways of items and usually it's with sponsors or something. I do not anticipate to every have that type of reach, but my hope is that I can have enough reach to give away something I've made. So I can be creating something for someone else.

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