Tracing Reality

I've never been the person with a strong media presence. I scroll through facebook and instagram and like what other people put out but I've never been that person with over 200 likes on a meaningless post of my dog or the lunch I just had. That's never bothered me though, because realistically, no one cares that I had scrambled eggs for lunch today. Some might care that my dog did something cute but I think part of that is the fact the dogs are usually better than people.

With all that in mind, the idea of starting an online business is daunting. I enjoy making art but I've never really thought that I was good enough to do anything with it professionally. I had a teacher in high school that made me feel like some of the stuff I was creating was revolutionary. It is different than anything that anyone around me was doing. I was (and still am) the only person I know that regularly does reverse glass paintings, and I really like the idea of my art being displayed in someone's home. These last couple weeks, I've been really disliking my job. So I figured I'd sell my art and take commissions online. Even if it doesn't take off, I am having fun getting back into it.

I figured I'd take the time to really explain my process. For the reverse glass paintings, I take a photo and I edit to be abstract or slightly abstract and flip it. I then tape the photo to the back of glass or Plexiglas and paint it. I try to match the color in the photo but nothing is perfect. In some of the paintings I've done in the past, I've used markers to do most of the colors and then used white to bring out the colors of the sharpie markers, like in the one below.

Though the marker is easier, I feel using paint for the entire thing can create a more quality product, like the two paintings below.

More recently, I've begun to get more into using acrylic on canvas as well. I'm not as good at doing people but I've done pretty decent with different sky scenes and nature.

I'm still working on the technique but I really love the idea that my art could spruce up the walls of someone's home, and I really enjoy being creative and having something to do that I'm motivated to do. My registered retail merchant certificate came in the mail and business is officially open. I can't wait to continue creating.

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